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Cyber Security Analyst Training

Prophaze offers Intensive Training and Services  in Cyber security Arena .It involves  a wide range of area starting from Network security, Web application security, Information security to Data level security.

IT industry is moving towards Protection of existing systems from the era of Implementation . Recent Facebook Data theft shed a new area of awareness in the Industry. Every country is reviewing their IT security Policy to make sure that the user’s private data is not Lost.

And similarly various organizations taking a lot of stress into application security . Which in turn creating a lot of Job offerings with good salary  in the same area

Prophaze provides various Training packages for Entry level security engineers . Based on their interest trainees can select various packages which can be

  1. Network security Analyst
  2. Web security Analyst
  3. Data security Analyst
  4. Secure Programming and Code  reviewers
  5. Penetration Testers

For more information please contact Vaisakh at 9645449968 and Visit

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